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Music Visualizer

MIDI-file Based Musical-Perception Feedback and Music-Analysis-Assistant Software

Incorporating New Non-MIDI-FIle-Based (June 2016) Ear-Training Features that Are More Flexible Than In the Other Ear-Training Software I've Seen

Windows XP / VISTA / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 SOFTWARE (Full Version: Free, No Ads)


The latest version of the software has been tested on Windows 10, but should work on earlier version of windows.

It is quite light and simple software, as it is just one self-contained .exe file (about 600 Kbytes). It also keeps itself simple by not writing anything to your registry or anywhere else.

Since the software is such a simple single file, I have kept my life a little simpler by not having an automatic install version (i.e. not having an .msi version). You can think of this is "manual install": you just download the program and click on it to run it. You can move it to a place where you want to keep it, and create desktop and other shortcuts so you can run it easily.

Please make sure you accept this license agreement before downloading the software.

I accept the license agreement -- please download the .exe of Music Analyzer MIDI software..

Avasti Anitivirus issues: In recent months (I am writing this in 2016), my own free version of Avasti Antivirus, whenever I test download my own software from my site, "analyzes" the program and then, says it "has detected a threat" and, without even giving an option to proceed without removing my software, removes the downloaded software and locks it away somewhere. The only way I've figured out to download my own software from my site is to turn of the Avasti Antivirus. (Perhaps the version of Avasti that you pay money for gives you more options to control the automatic-ness of the delete.)

(Avasti does give me the option of "reporting a false positive", but I'm tired of filling out the form every time I update any of my software, since I don't make any money from my software. Further, for all I know, a foreign government or other hacking entity has taken over my computer, or inserted some sort of virus in the Microsoft Development Environment that I use to write the software, etc., so I really can't absolutely guarantee the software hasn't been turned into a virus by someone!)

I don't what other antivirus software does when my software is downloaded.

Thus, unfortunately, if Avasti or other antivirus software is giving you reason to worry about my software, I can suggest Sonic Visualizer (produced by a university somewhere) to replace some of the functionality of some of my software. Otherwise, you can do without, or can invest a few months or years and write your own similar software! Sorry!