Free Music Software written by Norm Spier (


Musical Pitch/Spectrum Software With Aural Pitch-Feedback Built In

Windows XP / VISTA / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 SOFTWARE (Full Version: Free, No Ads)

Video Shots of Program In Action

These may take a few seconds to start playing; more if you have a slower connection):

#1:[8 seconds,.mp4]: <--This is a stereo recording with a stereo all-power (no peaks shown) spectogram. Green shows left-side sounds, Red shows right- side sounds, and blue center. I have set the key context to B flat, which is correct for this part of the music. (Note the use of the key context is not particularly shown off in this clip.) I have kept the bit of music used very short, to keep within fair use limits of this copyrighted bit of "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds". (Note the clip was set in the SpectratunePlus to autorepeat a small section, and that is why it jumps back in time at one point.)

#2:[10 minutes, .mp4]: <--This demo video shows some of the aural feedback and chord/key-related features of the software when used for looking at recorded music. By looking at it, and perhaps perusing the screenshots and documentation below, you should be able to tell if you want to download it, and to get some idea of how it compares to Sonic Visualizer. [Important: The recording used in the example is from IMSLP, and is legitimately used here under its Creative Commons license, but certain reuse is not permitted. See its IMSLP source page for details. (Note that the recording used is #84720 on that page. Thank you Paul Rosenthal, violin and Edward Auer, piano, for making the recording available to the world.)]

#3:[13 minutes, .mp4]: <--This demo video shows use of the spectral, pitch, and overtone analysis the software does on live sounds (you singing, you or a group playing, etc.).

#4:[4 minutes, .mp4]: <--Creation of .spf file (spectrum information file) from audio file. (For non-live sounds, you need to do that before you can look at the spectrum. It's a pretty simple procedure, but I've stuck it, and the playback procedure using it, into a little video, just in case you find it not so clear in my written instructions.)