UCI Chess Engine Wrapper Utility Software

(written by Norm Spier)

UCI Wrapper

(Examine UCI Chess Engine Communication, Send UCI ELO if the GUI prevents it)

Windows (64 bit) SOFTWARE (Written on Windows 10. Should work for earlier and later versions)

Works with any UCI GUI (Arena, Fritz, SCID vs PC, Lucas, etc.) and any UCI chess Engine (Shredder, Hiarcs, Critter, Fritz 15, etc.)

About Me/ Contact Info



About me, Norm Spier:

I am a mostly-retired free-lance mathematical statistician and computer programmer (with an interest in music and music-related engineering), living in Northampton, Massachusetts, U.S.

Some of what I've been doing over recent years has been programming software related to the science of music and sound, both for my own edification, and for the possibility of applications. I've realized that some of the software that I've written may be of use or interest to others, and so, when such software is reasonably convertible to be used by general users, and not encumbered by complicated license agreements (e.g. VST plug-ins), I have usually stuck it up on the internet on this site.